Matrescence? What does it mean?

Just finished reading ‘Mama Rising’ by Amy Taylor-Kabbaz.

It’s been one of THOSE reads. So many AHA moments. So many beautiful captures of threads that weave us all together, no matter what side of the planet we live on and what T shirt we wear.

I’m attaching a few screenshots from Amy’s free ebook, to give you a flavour of what the term ‘matrescence’ covers.

I’m still learning this language and it’s helping me solve some of the mysteries of my own past and present, and through this, make me more capable and qualified to help others go through the transformation into motherhood.

Matrescence like adolescence. From chrysalis to butterfly.

If you come along to one of my Connected Mama circles, you will experience the style of holding that is mirrored on these pages.

No need for certainty. No recipes for success. No rights or wrongs. Nobody telling you what you should be, achieve, the way you should behave, the way to look.

You SHOW UP as you are and you’ll be held. You are not broken. And if you need a bit of hand holding while you pick up the pieces to put yourself (back) together, that’s what I am and the community is there for.

We talk

🥑 babes in the womb and how you can start connecting with them

🍒 the secrets of infant feeding and lactation: the easy, the hard and the reality of it all!

🥨 transitions between pregnancy and newborn life – woman to mother

🫐 why me? will I EVER sleep again?

🍋 how do I know what they want? clues to help read your baby

🥦 mental health and how to take care if yourself (with practical take away tools from a mindful breastfeeding practitioner)

🍰 always yummy refreshments

🌻 always some guided meditation/ relaxation to soothe your nervous system

Amy Taylor-Kabbaz and daughter
Quote from Amy
Quote from Amy

Quote from Amy

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