Book review: Suckle Sleep Thrive

Suckle sleep thrive by Andrea Herron and Lisa Rizzo, 2019, Praeclarus Press)

Some quotes from the book to give you a flavour of the content and philosophy of this book:

“ The effect of the environment and the care your baby receives is the nurture aspect of life. This part of her development helps her formulate her ability to express her inner nature.”

(Quoted from Takikawa and Contey, 2010, p45.) (Suckle Sleep Thrive by Andrea Herron and Lisa Rizzo, 2019, p.224.)

“Rather than following generic instructions and rigid rules of baby care, success comes from watching your baby, listening to what he is saying, reading his unique body language, and responding appropriately. It is pertinent to develop these skills because no two babies are the same.” (p.76 Suckle Sleep Thrive)

“Temperament matters because of the concept of ‘goodness of fit’, which is the compatibility between the baby’s temperament and the environment.”

“Interventions to improve the goodness of fit, beginning with understanding temperament, can help you reduce stress on your relationship (Britton, 2011).” (p. 222 Suckle Sleep Thrive)

This book contains a wealth of useful and practical tools, including a downloadable temperament and goodness of fit chart for babies, toddlers and their carers!

But most importantly, a radically new way of viewing your offspring: they’re not purely a bundle of genes (hence impossible forces to reckon with), neither are they a ‘clean slate’ waiting to be moulded, shaped and influenced by us.

Understanding the uniqueness of the child in front of you and your exquisite ability to read their every move, sound, facial expression and body language from the moment they’re born (or from the moment you get the help to learn this language) will result in a more harmonious relationship and a happier and more settled child, and as a result, a more content adult.

It’s a chunky book that amalgamates baby watching techniques with breastfeeding information, to create a beautiful guide to new parents and those supporting them.

I’m keen to take the pressure off those new parents, who are clearly sleep deprived and quite often overwhelmed by the experiences of becoming a new parent. So I’m setting out to pass on the key information from this (and other) books, during all contacts with families:

face to face consultations in your home

group sessions

Zoom meetings

I’m learning all the time. This book will inform and define my practice on a deep level. I’m looking forward to sharing it with you.

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