WHY all the hype about BABY MASSAGE??


This might not be the first thing on your mind when you book a baby massage session.

SO READ ON to find out.


Your little human may not be ready to express his or her needs via spoken language just yet, but NON-VERBAL communication is present from birth.

You will develop these skills during baby massage sessions as you are constantly responding to your baby’s cues. Some examples of this are eye contact, facial expression and touch.

All this ‘practice’ will help develop and strengthen your attachment bond.


As a result of the above AND hanging out with fellow parents going through similar, you are likely to walk away reassured, energised and better equipped (mentally and emotionally) to face the challenges of day to day life with a baby.

During our sessions together, we always have time to chat, share and off load. 60 minute sessions allow for a slow and gentle start and a soft ending, with a focused 30 minute massage session in the middle, where I share information and massage sequences.


There’ll be a lovely clean, bright and calm environment to welcome you in these sessions. Touching a loved one is one sure way to release the hormone oxytocin, which is the BEST natural antidote to stress. It will help you be PRESENT in your parasympathetic nervous system (where you rest and digest).

I try to enhance this natural process by providing music and scents to help you relax.

Why is baby massage beneficial to your baby?

Where do I begin??


If you read part 1 of this series, you will see that all the ‘parent reasons’ will naturally ‘rub off’ on the baby. So the more confident you are at communicating with your baby, reading their cues, responding to their body language, the more content and connected you feel in yourself, the more relaxed you are, the better for your offspring.


Baby massage stimulates the body and as a result, your baby’s internal systems. (see below) This in turn aids their optimal functioning.

* Lymphatic: helps rid of excess fluid and waste products and so helps fight infection and disease

* Respiratory: stimulates air flow to pass in and out of the body for efficient gas exchange, oxygenate the blood

* Digestive: helps with efficient absorption of nutrients into the blood stream and helps eliminate blockages

* Nervous: the nervous system is a network of nerves and cells that communicate messages to and from the brain and spinal cord to the rest of the body. Massage can support the optimal functioning of this system too.

* Circulatory: transportation of nutrients, water and oxygen and eliminating waste, fighting disease and stabilises body temperature and pH.

BIG CLAIMS? Perhaps. However, perhaps it’s no wonder that massage is the oldest form of medical care, going back as early as 3000 BCE!


Supports good sleep and relaxation which is vital for little ones’ growth, development, healing and recover.

The act of massaging creates a calm and peaceful experience and state of mind.

Regulating behaviour: when babies are relaxed, they are more able to deal with new situations and challenging life experiences.


* from muscular tension and growing pains

* teething and nasal congestion

* gas, colic, constipation and cramps

Come and experience it for yourself!

What happens in a baby massage class?

You arrive and receive a big smile from me and possibly from one or both of my daughters who may come and help out in my classes sometimes (they are nearly 8 and 12 and super helpful, especially in front of strangers).

You’ll be shown around the room and given space to leave your buggy if bringing (as space is always a bit tight, possibly best left behind and replaced by car seat of sling). There will be refreshments provided for you, a baby changing area and some lovely music playing to make you feel at ease and comfortable.

I love a nice scent to help everyone relax, so expect a bit of essential oil steamer on the go too.

We allow 10-15 minutes for everyone to arrive and settle, chat, use the loo, drink and have a nibble, settle babies etc.

You will be allocated a baby massage mat, with a cosy blanket and some oil. You take baby’s clothes off (nappy stays on) and we begin the day’s massage routine.

Each session covers a different area of the body, so you don’t need to remember too much at once.

We repeat each sequence every time, so you build a repertoire and by session 5 you will have learned the full body sequence plus some extras to heal common ailments.

The session is informal and relaxed, so you’ll be able to ask your questions, ask for help, get feedback and chat with your baby and others while we go.

30 minutes is probably long enough for these little ones on the mat, so we pack up and dress them.

We allow up to 15 minutes for everyone to have another drink, visit the bathroom (we can keep an eye on your baby while you do so) and chat with other parents, ask me any questions.

You will leave with a handout of the day’s routine, your massage oil (which you’ll need to bring each time) and hopefully a spring in your step and your heart overflowing with the oxytocin built up during the session.

Who is in? I’m excited to meet you and your baby!

What happens during the course of 4 sessions in my BABY COCOON classes?

We learn:

  • WARM UP, LEG sequence, FOOT sequence, END sequence
  • ARM, HAND sequences
  • HEAD and FACE, BACK sequences
  • FULL SEQUENCE overview and practice
  • BONUS: Teething, Wind and colic, constipation sequences

Can I massage my baby any time?

When is the best time to massage?

Really good questions!

There are 6 behavioural states you might find your baby in at any given time. (Brazelton, 1973)

These are:

1. active alert

2. quiet alert

3. drowsy

4. active sleep

5. quiet sleep

6. crying

Can you guess WHICH of these might be the BEST state to be massaging in?

If you look at your baby now, can you tell which state they are in?

You guessed it right if you said states 1-3 are the best states to be massaging in.

The optimum state is ACTIVE ALERT. In this state your baby is alert and interested, not hungry or tired and is happy to interact with the world around them.

During our time together I talk you through all the different states and we work around ‘baby watching’ to figure out what state they’re in and how to respond best.

Further down, I will talk you through what happens if your baby is NOT in an ideal state to be massaged in during our time together.

Contraindications and cautions aka is there a baby I shouldn’t massage?

Firstly, I love this photograph. In case you’re wondering, we welcome all primary caregivers to come with baby (mothers, fathers). However, this is a course NOT designed for nannies, childminders and babysitters as we are here to nurture connection and bonding with the person, people who are with baby day in day out, setting out on a journey of a lifetime together.

The only conditions that exclude your baby from receiving massage are:

– cancer

– epilepsy

– asthma

– encephalitis

– diabetes

– recent operation

– fever

– skin infection

Caution and assessment is suggested in case of:

– immunization within 48 hrs prior

– after a meal

– when the child becomes fractious

– cuts, bumps and coloured marks

If in doubt, please check prior to the session BEFORE turning up.

What happens if you miss a session?

What if they’re not up for it or we’re ill?

Fear not!

Every session is accompanied by an illustrated handout for all participants.

You will be given this on the next session you attend, and we repeat everything in the final session as a reminder anyway.

For those who miss a session for any reason (prior notice appreciated if at all possible), I record the massage sequence and send it to participants in the form of a short video via WhatsApp.

FOR ANY QUESTIONS, feel free to contact me via DM, email or phone.

BOOK YOUR SPOT NOW, so you don’t miss out!

Starting on the 24th October in Hampstead Garden Suburb.


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