I’m now a Babywearing Peer Supporter! Yay!

I got fed up with coming across many mums in my other groups not knowing much at all about baby wearing and not having anywhere to turn for help.

Sling libraries and low charging or free services were thin on the ground to begin with but COVID dealt the last blow to them all.

So I was left with referring mums and families onto online resources (less than satisfactory and can be downright dangerous) OR high paying services such as 1to1 sling consultancy (which they are likely not need).

So here I was, clicking that booking button and re-investing my business earnings into further training (ask my family… they are NOT impressed haha)!

I LOVED LOVED LOVED wearing my babies, and still tear up when I think about those sweet memories carrying them for years and then not being able to carry them any more.

The benefits are ENDLESS!

I did my training with Rosie Knowles who is truly knowledgeable and experienced in the field and has her own beautiful and hugely useful and informative, supportive website.

So instead of re-inventing the wheel, I would like you to pop over and check her out.

In time, I’m looking to launch some low cost sling support drop in groups for local Folk, so watch this space!

When time permits, I will also be adding my own, more easily digestible soc med content on the subject, but for now…


♥ it helps with 4th trimester bonding

♥ safe and soothing for baby

♥ oxytocin inducing and confidence boosting for mum/dad/parent

♥ leaves your hands free

♥ increases your chances of successful breastfeeding

♥ is healing whatever your birth experience/ infant feeding experience was/is

♥ has long term benefits for BOTH your mental health

♥ helps support babies with complex needs

♥ is a lifesaver when you have more than 1 child

Rosie’s website is wonderful on EVERYTHING baby wearing:

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