What is ONE thing you can do for your baby?

We are so ‘content driven’ these days, we forget to just stop and BE.

To BE rather than DO. 

We don’t need to FILL OUR HEADS all the time. We don’t need other people’s wisdom each and every moment of our lives. 

When you come to my spaces, you get to STOP. Hear your own thoughts. Breathe. Rest. Listen to your inner voice. Listen to your peers. Off load, vent, swear if you wish, laugh and cry, question and doubt. 

We spend so much time in our heads. 

Let yourself drop into your heart, into your body. It takes courage, yes! It’s bloody hard to stop and BE with silence when all life asks of us these days is to ‘remember’, to ‘get on with’, to ‘go, go, go’, to ‘cook and make’, to ‘tidy and clean’, to ‘understand and process’, to ‘read and learn’, to ‘count and calculate’, to measure, to compare, to explain, to reason…

No wonder our heads are spinning. 

When someone offers you a space to be silent, accept it.

When someone offers you a shoulder to cry on, lean on it.

When someone offers you a smile and doesn’t ask for anything back, take it.

Check out Connected Mothers’ Circle (online) and Mama Haven (face to face in Barnet) for an experience such as described above.

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