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In this package I will walk with you while you return to work… from the time you start thinking about it, until you have a happily breastfed baby waiting for you at home when you return from work at the end of the day.

Mother is holding the baby boy while she was working on the laptop. The infant is leaning his head on his mother and they both are cuddling.

The practicalities we cover:

  • Can I work and breastfeed? – the answer is always YES!
  • How can I start preparing for this transition NOW (the earlier the better)?
  • Do I need to pump? Will I need to pump? How much? How? When?
  • How will we both adjust emotionally? – setting realistic expectations
  • Who is my support network and how can I use them? – making lists and utilising all resources you have available
  • How to choose childcare smartly and how to prepare THEM when it comes to caring for a breastfed child?
  • What can I do when the time gets closer? Tips and tricks to manage the transition smoothly.

I can support you:

  • via video calls
  • email and text messages
  • at home if you are in my area

What you can expect to pay: for one 60 minute Zoom call and a 4 week text support period £180.

Book a free 15 minute call now to gauge your needs and clarify how I can support you best!