My Story

A bit about me

I offer my services to families who are expecting or currently breastfeeding or chest feeding their baby or babies.

I am Eszter, mum of two spirited girls, both of whom were breastfed, a breastfeeding counsellor with one of the UK’s leading breastfeeding charities since 2013, and an International Board Certified Lactation Consultant (IBCLC).

I live in North London (UK).

My name is Eszter. I have two home educated children who are currently 10 and 6 years old. My background is in primary teaching and educational psychology, which I ‘abandoned’ when my children were born, in order to be able to be a mother to them: my full time and most important job to date!

My mothering journey woke me up to the fact that many adults of childbearing age just never had the education and experience to be fully able to live, breathe and manage all that is involved in the biological and psychological implications of pregnancy, childbirth and breastfeeding (and otherwise nurturing a baby). I became a passionate advocate of informed choice in birth and breastfeeding /chest feeding. (Please see my list of favourite books to read under ‘useful reading’ and top websites to visit, to help prepare you for birth and breast/chest feeding.)

This led me to work with one of the largest breastfeeding charity organisations of Great Britain in 2013. I have been volunteering thousands of hours ever since, to families of breastfed babies, especially the mother-baby dyad. These years of supporting families has led me to believe that you can only ever be successful at these life skills of nurturing a baby, if you have as much support around you as possible.

This support might take the shape of a loving partner, a close family, your neighbourhood, baby classes, breastfeeding drop ins, or social media, as well as all the professionals who advocate for your cause and help you achieve your goals. Your gut always tells you who these people are. I can help you find this ‘bubble’ or ‘village’ before your precious baby is here and I will try to become a small part of what provides the best possible support for YOUR needs.

After many years of practice I decided to take my knowledge and qualification to the next level, so I have qualified as an IBCLC. See what I can offer you on your journey, in the ‘My services’ and ‘What’s an IBCLC?’ sections.

My practice is always growing and evolving, so please ask, if there is something you would like and does not currently appear amongst my services, as I might be able to help you or signpost you to the relevant local service or colleague.

IBCLC Certification Number: L-301148