In your own home up to 1.5 hrs: £110

(within 30 minutes drive) plus the cost of any street parking.

Via video call 1 hr with 2 week full follow up: £60

We will do a full feeding assessment (and baby’s oral assessment if needed) and take full history. I will make suggestions for positioning, attachment and supplementation (if needed) and always leave you with a set of resources (printed if in person, links if virtual) including a feeding plan tailored to your needs.

We will be able to do this in an unhurried manner, with warm and non judgemental support from me. I strive to empower you to feel confident enough to continue on this journey feeling well equipped for upcoming challenges and to achieve YOUR breastfeeding /chestfeeding goals.

You are welcome to text/ WhatsApp me/ email me for up to 2 weeks after your appointment with follow up questions for no extra charge.