My DREAM PROJECT: bringing high quality, ongoing, heartfelt mother support to my local community (and those willing to travel to High Barnet, North London/South Hertfordshire)!

Click here to listen to Diana (mum of twin boys) talk about what she experienced when she came to one of my similar groups in the past:

I am an IBCLC lactation consultant, with 9 years of experience running mothers’ groups in a volunteer breastfeeding counsellor capacity, with great feedback and lovely results. I’m now ready to bring together all my experience as such, with 12 years of mothering and my previous professional experience as a primary school teacher. Throw in a huge dollop of LOVE for supporting women at this exquisitely beautiful and tragically unsupported phase of their lives: the pre- and post birth period: the birth of a new being, a MOTHER, and the CONNECTED MOTHERS’ CIRCLE is born. Please read on to find out more:

1. ONGOING: Book a block at a discount. (Ask me!) We meet twice a month, but you get to use up your ‘credit’ in twice that time, to account for ‘life’ happening and you missing a session or a few. THIS setup should ensure you are motivated to come along regularly and BUILD YOUR COMMUNITY under the watchful eye and warm support of your facilitator (moi).

DROP IN £10 per session (includes refreshments).

2. FOR YOU AND YOUR BABY: there is plenty to learn about caring for a new baby, while there is also HUGE amounts of attention given to YOU, the parent. Your mental and physical health, your support network and practical ideas for surviving early parenthood.

3. ANTENATAL and POSTNATAL: I believe it’s fairly unique to find a group where you can BE SUPPORTED by the generation of mothers slightly ahead of you on their journey, while also BEING ABLE TO SUPPORT those just behind you. From my experience these groups have ENORMOUS VALUE as this is how women learn, mothers learn, in fact ALL HUMANS learn. We don’t need to be in homogeneous groups of people that are exactly LIKE US, same age, same interests, same life experience. We will mix it up here and you shall benefit hugely!

4. FIND YOUR COMMUNITY: You WILL find friends here. You WILL hang around for a coffee afterwards. You are guaranteed to find a shoulder to cry on, another one who is a swearer and the one who has the same ideas of babywearing as you do. Or one who has never heard of it! There will be tears, laughter and camaraderie. And you and your friends WILL meet up between sessions.

Connection. The word, the concept, the idea so important that I wanted to include it in the group name and logo!What feelings, ideas, concepts, experiences does the word CONNECTION bring up in YOU?

***Take a few moments to close your eyes and reflect.***

For me, it’s warm and fuzzy, feeling seen, heard, responded to. Healing. Invisible or actual hand holding. Someone listening. AND!Science based, evidence based. Neuroscience of the past few decades have been sharing thousands upon thousands of pages research data to prove the VITAL IMPORTANCE of CONNECTION. Humans are social beings. We very literally die without it.(see John Bowlby, Gabor Mate, Dan Siegel’s work, amongst others)

In a small way, in the Connected Mothers’ Circle, we are trying to recreate the COMMUNITY we all need. A mothering community to pass on what needs passing on. To enable each other to figure out what sort of a mother we want to become, and help and support each other in becoming one. And last but not least, I’m going to give you tools and ideas to best connect with your babies. Because connection with them is as vital for their soul as oxygen for the lungs, and nutrition for the body.

At the Connected Mothers’ Circle, ALL OF YOU IS WELCOME. Come unwashed, messy hair, hungry (we will feed you), an emotional mess (we’ll mop you up), with or without baby (there’ll be others) or indeed happy and proud of your latest achievement (no matter how big or small). There will be me holding space. There will be privacy and some basic ground rules to stop sharing outside the circle. There will be no judgement of difference of opinions, no one size fits all. There will be a culture of curiosity and acceptance to keep everyone safe. A safe haven. Come and rest with us.

So it’s not all about being ‘fluffy’, cosy and warm here… though of utmost importance of course! 😉
EVERY session, I and/or a colleague will offer some educational content, as seen on the list here and MORE.
My main focus and the most time spent will be on breastfeeding, infant feeding, mixed feeding, as this is my main area of expertise and experience.
I am also a qualified Mindful Breastfeeding practitioner and as such, I’ll be including a little bit of guided relaxation (and other grounding practices) in every session, so you get treated: body and mind!
Practical ‘takeaways’ from every session will be summarised in written form, enriched with further links, reading, videos, as appropriate. Baby brain is REAL, so you won’t be expected to remember and recall everything discussed.
I will enquire about your learning style and include tools accordingly (once a teacher always a teacher…): visuals, movements based, auditory and printed information will be available as required. Do say if there’s anything extra that would improve your experience, and I will oblige if humanly possible!


Saturday 25th June 2-4 pm (Hope Corner): scroll down to sign up please

Tuesday 28th June 10.30am -12.30pm (Red Lion, High Barnet): scroll down to sign up please

Tuesday 19th July 10.30am -12.30pm (Red Lion, High Barnet): scroll down to sign up please

Tuesday 2nd August 10.30am -12.30pm (Red Lion, High Barnet): scroll down to sign up please

There is SO much out there. The good, the bad and the downright ugly ‘mummy wars’… I commit to creating a safe online space to accompany our face to face meetings, a private Facebook group for members only, where there is a chance for intimate conversations, for getting to know each other a bit, build trust and ask questions, debate in a civilised manner, support, vent, share ALL that needs sharing. I (and my co-facilitators) will personally moderate the group, so it feels safe and held for all participants. This will also be the space to store information shared in sessions, files, videos, PP slides and more!

You will be given access to the group on your first attendance to the meetings.

All attendees will receive a wonderful goodie bag in their first session. These will hopefully put a smile on your face, and contain some items of pampering (that ALL pregnant and new mums need), information and care. There are 2 tiers: you get some bonus items in your ‘deluxe’ goodie bag if you take out a block of 10 sessions!If this isn’t an incentive, I don’t know what is! 😆

The group will meet twice each month. This will give enough ‘space’ between meetings to ‘digest’ the information and not to overwhelm your busy life and timetable.It will also provide enough regularity to hopefully build a community and support network around you, that accompanies you through various stages of pregnancy and newborn life.

As mentioned earlier, this is a unique opportunity to attend a group THROUGHOUT this period and meet others just before and just after YOUR stage of the journey, and via this process gain some valuable and REAL, uncensored insights into developing your role as a mother.

The 2.5 hr time-frame has enough space to ‘breathe’, with 1 topic covered in depth in the first half, some socialising and snacks in the middle and some deeper sharing and guided relaxation in the second half.

Time for library use, exchanging details, giving out goodie bags, more snacks and one to ones at the end, before leaving.

The topics are going to be on rotation, so if you miss one, it will be repeated again after a few sessions.

No 2 sessions are the same, as they are tailored to the attendees needs. (So fill in the booking form in as much detail as possible please, to help me prepare.)

Attend as few or as many sessions as you like and can fit around your busy schedule.

How many times have you been to a baby group where there was bright and clean spacious room, comfy seating, refreshments provided, and time to learn and chill with people who are at a similar stage of life?

THIS could be IT!

Come along and try. Better still, bring a friend.

I LOVE my job. I love one to one support situations and following through one person’s breastfeeding journey and giving them my full attention. Looking for nuances. Hearing them, guiding them, supporting them.
However, all of this gets elevated to the next level, and multiple times when I support groups. I take more of a back seat. The role of the observer, who drops in a comment or a questions here and there and allows the group the do what it does best.

There is nothing like a group of women when it comes to holding each other up, raising each other, teaching and supporting one another, laugh, cry, drink coffee together, joke about the past and share worries about the future.

I am there to facilitate, to keep the momentum going, to motivate, to educate, to share high quality and pre ‘vetted’ information. To serve you, to feed you body and mind while we are together and keep doing so between sessions.

I would love to connect with you. Come and check me out. Resonance and rapport between humans is essential when it comes to relationships like this.
Come and have a taster session and make up your own mind.

What better gift to give an expectant or new parent than a community, preparation and support while approaching and living potentially the most transformational period of her life?

Ask me about gift vouchers! Give it to your loved ones for their birthday, Christmas, baby shower, wedding gift or just as a treat!

Any questions, get in touch: