Listen to me talk about WHY YOU NEED CONNECTED MOTHERS’ CIRCLE in your life!


Nurturing, regular, ongoing, heart centred support for mothers.

Matrescence is the process of ‘the birth of a mother’. Similarly to adolescence, it can take years and it is not a linear process. It comes with us completely ‘rearranging our nervous system’ and developing skills and abilities, emotions and social needs… it’s deep. And can be lonely at times. Come to Connected Mothers’ Circle to be seen. To be heard. To cry those un-cried tears. To laugh the unspent laughter. To be with yourself and others in an unhurried way that may not exist anywhere else in your life. We can be each other’s matrescence doulas’ in this space.


  • We sit in circle
  • We listen to each other
  • We focus inwards and listen to ourselves
  • We may light a candle to recognise the fire within ourselves and each other
  • We enjoy silence at times
  • We share our stories when we feel called to
  • We create an adult only space (babies in arms welcome)


Come along on this journey IF:

  • You are a mother (at any stage of mothering)
  • You feel like connecting to a community of mothers will nourish and serve you
  • You are craving a space where you are accepted exactly as you are and you are held safely
  • You are free to feel and express your emotions without judgement
  • You can feel like you are whole and unbroken so not in need of fixing
  • You wish to shut out the noise and business of your daily life and rest in a small haven for a while
  • You wish to allow yourself to connect with your inner voice

Listen to me talk about WHY YOU NEED CONNECTED MOTHERS’ CIRCLE in your life!

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I am a mother of 2 daughters and an IBCLC lactation consultant, with 10 years of experience running mothers’ groups, supporting families and building community with great feedback and lovely results. I find my job extremely rewarding and wish to extend my love and holding experience further.

In Connected Mothers’ Circles, I bring together all my experience as a space holder in mothers communities, my 13 years of mothering 2 daughters and my previous professional experience as a primary school teacher. In January 2024 I have also completed my women’s circle facilitator training with the amazing Gemma Brady and Sister Stories.

For in person weekly new mothers’ circles in Barnet, North London, please check out Mama Haven.

You are beautiful. You are unique. You are loved.

First time mother? Second time mother? 8th time mother? This space is open to you.

Love, light, time, space is what we all need.

We are mammals. We have inner wisdom and intuition. We are part of nature. We are nature!

“I checked other dictionaries. No entries for ‘Matrescence‘. As I typed it on my computer the word processor insisted on underlining it with a dotted red line. It’s still there now, years later, blotting the page with red. This isn’t a word, it says. This isn’t a thing.

Only, it is. After childhood and adolescence, there is no other time in an adult human’s life course which entails such dramatic psychological, social and physical change.”

(Matrescence. On the Metamorphosis of Pregnancy, Childbirth and Motherhood. by Lucy Jones, 2023. Penguin Random House UK, p.12)