Recommended Perinatal and Parenting Support Services

Some local, others offer exquisite remote services, I warmly recommend you check out during your journey

Craniosacral therapy for babies and adults:

Maria Esposito

Maria Esposito has a degree in Health Science: Nutritional Therapy BSc (Hons); Dip. A.E.T.; is a NAET (Nambudripad’s Allergy Elimination Techniques) practitioner and she is a qualified Craniosacral Therapist. She has worked in complementary therapy since 1990 in various clinics in London. She has worked as a Nutritional Therapist since 2001, and as a Craniosacral Therapist since 2011. She is an NLP practitioner which she now combines the tool from the course into her craniosacral work. She is also an Angel Guide Certified for distance healing work, combined with NLP tools. She works by using a combination of all her training and experience that she has accumulated since 1990.  She is now a Mindfulness meditation teacher. She has the Heart-Math “the resilient heart” certification for trauma (2022). Certification in Clinical Trauma Professional (CPD, 2023). Personal Care Institute (PCI) NLP Coaching programme (health coaching).

She has been working with babies and mothers for birth trauma and other trauma with craniosacral therapy and she now runs workshops for craniosacral therapists to teach how to work with babies. She has co-run a community clinic since 2018. Her client’s testimonial shows how dedicated and passionate about health and the well-being of her clients she is. She has an advanced DBS. 

Babies that I have seen with craniosacral:

  • Colic’s which are very frequent in babies
  • Breastfeeding problems
  • Frequency of throwing up the milk
  • Sleeping problems due to trauma or unbalanced system
  • Stronger connection with mother and babies (the mother needs to be treated as well as the baby for both reflux and connection with the baby). Sometimes it takes more than 3 sessions before things starts to change.
  • Clinging babies or toddlers
  • Other problems that have been helped with my treatment of CS are:
  • Teething
  • Coughing
  • Frequent colds for the babies, toddlers and children
  • Bedwetting
  • Anxiety
  • Reduced irritation, which have led to a happier and more communicative toddler.
  • Reduction and or elimination of night terror in toddlers and children in general.

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Tel. 07956662954

Birth workers / Doulas:

    Anna doula services

    I believe that every baby and every family is unique so the ways that I may support families may differ, but some of the ways I can help are: Providing practical and emotional support Non-judgemental, supporting your choices and make suggestions to help you A listening ear, if you want to talk about the birth of your baby or any concerns you may have Baby care assistance Practical support caring for baby while you take time to rest, shower, bath, have time to yourself Breastfeeding and formula feeding support Sleep support Reflux support Baby massage – explaining the different ways that this can benefit your baby and showing you techniques to use on different parts of the body. Prepare nutritious meals – for your lunch and an evening meal Looking after older children Light housework – general tidying, loading dishwasher, washing clothes in washing machine Help to prepare home before birth of baby – and life with a baby.

    Based in Edgware and cover North London, North West London, West London, South Hertfordshire, parts of Buckinghamshire and surrounding areas. If in doubt, contact Anna to check if your area is covered.

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    • Laura Walzer birth and postnatal doula

    Laura is a birth and postnatal doula living in Willesden Green with her husband, two daughters and 2 cats. Laura is passionate about supporting women to achieve a positive birth experience which she believes is every woman’s right and her packages ensure plenty of time for connection and opportunity for learning, exploring and helping women and their partners decide what is important to them. Laura recognises that in absence of ‘the village’, the support of a post natal doula can have such a positive impact on a family’s fourth trimester and will work alongside families to formulate a plan for the postnatal period and help them achieve it. Laura is a trained Hypnobirthing teacher as well as trained in using aromatherapy during pregnancy and birth and loves incorporating this into sessions with clients and bringing along to the birth room. At the heart of her practice is that women feel safe, secure, heard and loved on their paths to becoming mothers and beyond.

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    Alex Burner full spectrum doula & owner of The Original Birth Connection (OBC)

    I offer 1-2-1 antenatal classes, group antenatal and postnatal classes. I’m a full spectrum doula supporting people through conception, loss, pregnancy and birth and into the postpartum period.

    I run a doula training company – supporting birth workers with mentoring and extending the scope of practice.

    Based in the West of England, and I can also provide virtual services such as antenatal sessions or power hours to discuss birth plans, options and postnatal breastfeeding support.



    Aneta Stachowska birth and postnatal doula

    My name is Aneta and I’m North Finchley based Birth and Postnatal Doula. In my work and life in general I aim for the right balance between science and everything else. That means that I will take everything on board. How your feel, what you believe and what’s important for you.I o%er birth packages, postnatal support and overnight support as well as single sessions. I want my clients to feel supported in their choices, listened to and really cared for. I want them to feel well informed so they can make the best decisions for themselves and their baby/babies. Having a baby is such an important and special time in people’s lives and should be treated with lots of respect and care. My support is tailored to the client’s needs so it might look very different for first time parents compared to people who already have kids or have some health issues. Through my work, I’m looking into how I can make these experiences better for everyone involved. When I’m not working I’m disappearing in my home botanical garden to recharge my batteries.I love what I’m doing and I put all my heart into it !



    Tongue tie:

    Sharon Silberstein IBCLC, tongue tie practitioner



    Lara Zane (Hand in Hand Parenting)

    Lara Zane is a mum to two school age children and a local Hand in Hand Parenting coach based in North London, supporting families with children from newborn through to around 12 years old. She works from the understanding that you are the expert in your unique family and that with appropriate support  you will be able to find ways forward that work for you and your children. 

    Hand in Hand Parenting is a respectful, responsive approach based on five simple and effective tools that provide a solid and effective framework for building emotional resilience and strong relationships, whatever your situation. For over 30 years, families have been transformed by this connection-based approach that is backed by brain science and helps you have a family life full of warm, sweet times with your little ones. Our babies don’t come with a manual, but this is pretty close!

    Whether you are interested in parenting in a connected responsive  way right from the start, or perhaps have older children and are wondering how to deal with a specific challenge you can find out more at .  Lara runs 1:1 consultations, group workshops and longer courses both online and in person in North London. 

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    Amy Taylor-Kabbaz

    “I Have Traveled Oceans And Crossed The World To Understand This Word —

    I Have Spent Years Asking The Questions —

    I Have Heard The Voices Of Thousands Of Mothers —



    In that time, I have interviewed hundreds of authors, maternal health experts, yogis and teachers. I have been on my own personal pilgrimage to find answers to why I felt the way I did. And I have listened to thousands upon thousands of women who felt the same. 

    I have been the anthropologist, in the trenches of early motherhood, trying to decipher why so many of us feel burnt out, overwhelmed, and addicted to being busy.


    Matrescence is the missing link for truly understanding why women feel the way they do, and how we can revolutionise the way we think about and value


    Understanding matrescence is the road map of your transformative journey to the woman you want to be.


    It’s the ignored part of womanhood. 

    And without the understanding and framework of matrescence, we are abandoning mothers.

    I believe that when a mother understands matrescence, she becomes a powerhouse. She is grace and grit.

    I believe that when we change the way mothers value what they do each day, they will own their resilience and joy and true selves.

    I believe mothers are the powerhouse of this world.

    I believe there is such strength in the softness and vulnerability of mothering…and we’ve dismissed it as weakness. I believe it’s time to change that and when we do, we’ll change the world.

    I believe that becoming a mother is the first step on the road to truly becoming your most actualized self.


    Through my books, my podcast, my programs for mamas, and my training for women working with mamas, I am committed to transforming how we speak about, honour and value this key transformation.”

    Find Amy on:

    Sarah Ockwell-Smith

    Sarah Ockwell-Smith is a well known parenting expert and a highly regarded popular childcare author who specialises in the psychology and science of parenting, ‘gentle parenting’ and attachment theory, with a particular interest in child sleep. She has authored 13 parenting books, translated into over 30 languages, which have sold almost half a million copies.

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    Women’s services:

    • Lyndsay Dalton
    • Moon
    • Red School

    Antenatal/postnatal yoga:

    Amy Fergus-Fuller Yoga Teacher and Founder of A to Z Yoga for Pregnancy, Birth and Beyond

    Amy is the founder of A to Z Yoga, a method of Yoga she created after 16 years of practice, 10 years of teaching and birthing 1 beautiful child via cesarean.

    Teaching with an embodied approach to movement and a holistic approach to life she believes whole heartedly that yoga and mindfulness can prepare you for Parenthood.

    Being and becoming a parent can be hard on the mind and the body, it can be a scary and sometimes lonely time, but with A to Z Yoga you have a seriously supportive teacher and community to help you build strength mentally and physically, find patience and regain confidence in your body.

    Amy has her 200hr Diploma with Yoga Alliance a further Diploma with British Wheel of Yoga both done through Teach Yoga. A Pregnancy and Mindfulness Certification & Birth Preparation certification both from FEDANT approved courses and is a Corrective exercise specialist for pre and postnatal. She gives the deepest thanks to her longest teacher and mentor Elena Voyce and her newest teachers and mentors Tessa Venuti Sanderson, Nadia Raafat, Dr Sarah Duvall and Julia Davis.

    Amy specialises in preparing you for a natural birth and supporting people through caesarean birth recovery. You can find her online and in person at classes in The Drill Hall and Chickenshed in Enfield and Cockfosters.






    Baby massage: 

    Eszter Bove

    4 or 5 session course (confirmed by start date, depending on number of participants: small group constitutes up to 4 members attend 4 sessions, 5-8 participants will attend 5 sessions).
    You will learn several baby massage routines, including full body massage (legs, feet, tummy, shoulder and chest, arms, hands, head and face).
    You will also have access to 3 BONUS sequences: teething sequence, constipation sequence, wind and colic sequence to soothe your little ones.
    The whole course is taught by Eszter Bove accredited baby massage instructor who has nearly a decade of experience in the field of perinatal care for families.
    Theory will be included in these fun and positive sessions, some sensory calming and stimulation tools to boost your positive experience and leave uplifted, re-energised, supported and more confident bonding with your baby.
    Massage oil and printed handouts from each session are included in the course fee.