FOR ALL MUMS of babies of pre-walking age

Created by Eszter Bove IBCLC, baby massage instructor and mothers’ circle facilitator with 11 years professional and 13 years of mothering experience. Co-created by the community.

“I am delighted to share my heartfelt gratitude for Mama Haven’s postpartum mothers’ support in Barnet. As a new mother navigating the beautiful yet challenging journey of motherhood, these sessions have been an absolute lifeline for me.

Mama Haven has created a warm and nurturing environment where mothers come together to share their experiences, challenges, and triumphs. Eszter, the facilitator has a genuine passion for supporting mothers during this transformative time, offering a wealth of knowledge and empathy that goes beyond what I could have imagined.

Attending Mama Haven sessions has been a source of immense comfort and reassurance for me. The sense of community among fellow mothers, combined with the invaluable guidance from the knowledgeable facilitator and the guest speakers has provided me with a wealth of practical advice and emotional support. The topics covered are not only relevant but also presented in a way that resonates deeply with the unique journey each mother is on.

To any mothers in Barnet considering postpartum support, I wholeheartedly recommend Mama Haven. It is more than a service; it is a community that understands, supports, and uplifts every mother on her individual journey. Thank you, Mama Haven, for being a beacon of support and understanding during this precious time in my life.” (Jana)

A beautiful mothers’ community space is opening up in a spacious, warm and welcoming setting in High Barnet.

Listen to me and Hannah Bains talk about MATRESCENCE in this Instagram live! It will help you understand what this space is about.

Unique to Barnet, this is a space that will welcome you with open arms and be home from home if:

  • you are a mother
  • you have a baby 0-12 months of age
  • you are yearning for a community to share your journey with and get excited about making local mum friends to hang out with
  • you are appreciative of skilled holding and facilitation with an experienced professional
  • you are looking for a warm, spacious and bright venue with clean and baby friendly toys
  • you are looking to learn new skills: baby massage, mindfulness and baby development, infant feeding, sleep and more
  • you get excited about added value by visiting local birth and baby professionals, such as yoga teachers, postnatal recovery experts, babywearing consultants, holistic sleep coaches, baby first aid/childhood illnesses professionals, professional photographers
  • you are looking to join a safe online space where you can share more intimately with your real life friends, in the presence of a qualified facilitator (Eszter)
  • journey through motherhood in a safe space that can hold you and your baby, and EVERYTHING you bring to the circle

2 venues, 2 different days of the week:

Hope Corner Community Centre (185 Mays Ln, Barnet EN5 2DY) Wednesdays 10-11.30 am



Programme for the next few weeks at Mama Haven Hope Corner

Previous topics and professional guests included:

Find Megan here:

Find Martin here:

Find Virginie here:

Find Marianne here:

You wish for more ongoing mothering support that you can access online?

For online listening support, join Connected Mothers’ Circles run by me fortnightly, starting March 2024

“Thank you for this morning…its been a ling time since I spoke to someone who was just present for me, where I felt heard and received compassion without any judgement or agenda and didn’t feel guilty for talking about myself too much!
that alone is so healing”