Sneak peek short interview with Amy Fergus-Fuller, one of our course facilitators (ante and post natal yoga teacher, birth educator and mother of one)
Sneak peek short interview with Hannah Gauri Ma, one of our course facilitators (Hand In Hand Parenting instructor and mother of two)

A complete package to prepare you (while you’re pregnant) for Birth, Breastfeeding, Babyhood and Beyond!

We asked dozens of new parents about what they wish they have known before the birth…
and we’ve brought it together into a digestible course for you!

Congratulations on your pregnancy!

  • As you are looking forward to holding your baby, are you filled with anticipation or anxiety? A bit of both?
  • Have you got friends and family telling you various things about raising a child? Do they sit well with you?
  • Are you staying up late searching the Internet for answers? Or you’re quite happy to leave things to chance? Perhaps you’re worried you’re not prepared enough?
  • What about those courses offered at your hospital or courses you’ve heard other friends have done?
  • Are you still ‘shopping around’ wondering if the cost is going to be worth it? Will a ‘freebie’ be good enough?

How do you know what you will need BEFORE YOU ACTUALLY NEED IT?

This course is unique, in that it will prepare you for parenting that is rooted in your own body and mind.

You can start using the information and techniques you learn on the course IMMEDIATELY, while still benefiting from the guidance of your course leaders and the support of your peers.

The creators of this course believe that you are in the unique position of knowing YOURSELF, your own body, your own history and circumstances and soon your own baby best.

This course will compliment your intuition and equip you with the necessary information and sources of support that will guide you gently into the birth of your baby AND yourself as a parent.


This course is designed to welcome you AND your partner that you will share your parenting with.

All the information, exercises and handouts are based on our belief that you’re not supposed to parent alone. You didn’t create the baby alone after all.

Partners, fathers, co-parents are VITAL in your pregnancy, birth and parenting experiences.

On so many occasions, they can feel sidelined, treated as ‘second fiddler’ and not taken seriously, ignored or just simply forgotten about.

On this course, you will be working alongside each other, preparing for the biggest challenge in your life yet: welcoming another human being into this world.

You are VERY welcome!

The tools and information we’re discussing on the course will help you immensely if you are finding yourself single parenting.

This is the perfect time to start building your support network.

You will need every bit of moral, emotional and practical support you can get, once the baby arrives.

  • 8 hours pure teaching time, plus 2 hrs socializing and Q&A: 10 hrs in total, divided into four 2.5 hr sessions
  • A comfortable venue in High Barnet with furniture and space designed for the needs of people like yourself
  • Light refreshments provided for our face to face sessions, plus a cafe on site in case you need extra
  • FREE parking on site
  • Comprehensive (printed AND electronic) handouts from each session, so you can get fully immersed in the learning experience, without having to take notes, or in case you have to miss a session for any reason
  • FREE copy of Mindful Breastfeeding book for each participant to support you on your way
  • Exclusive membership in our online community HUB, reserved for those who have completed our courses, to meet like-minded parents to accompany you on your parenting journey. This group will be managed and moderated by the tutors of the course, so you get ongoing support from us (the mentors) too
  • Access to our online resource library. This includes lifetime access to some recorded course content, hand picked web-links recommended by course tutors, an online ‘book centre’ with recommended literature based on our course content, complete with reviews written by course tutors and participants (that’s YOU!)
  • Discounts on selected offerings by course tutors in their respective areas of expertise
  • Course will be run at a convenient time for you: evenings or weekends
  • Affordable: for the amount of content and all the ‘takeaways’, you would struggle to get such value for money. Prevention is the best cure: we can’t guarantee you will not encounter any challenges on your parenting journey. You will need a magic wand for that. These challenges help us grow. But by attending this course, you can be sure that those challenges won’t turn into crises, as you will have several ‘tools’ up your sleeve, as well as a full support network around you to walk with you along the way, a set of resources and qualified professionals to signpost you or to be signposted to.
  • Small number of participants (4-6 couples per course) mean the course has a personal feel and is tailored to every single participant’s need


The ‘ideal’ time to come is probably the second trimester of your pregnancy: this is when you’ve somewhat got used to the idea of expecting a baby but not yet completely overwhelmed by making last minute preparations, not being burdened by a huge bump and probably still feeling reasonably comfortable in your body and head to be able to sit and concentrate.

Saying that, we are striving to make each session as interactive and engaging as possible, to cater for all learning styles and stages of pregnancy. There will be audio-visual resources (e.g. videos and sound clips), guest speakers, games and hands-on demonstrations to keep you all involved and make the learning memorable and enjoyable.


The course leader (Eszter Bove IBCLC) has a background in breastfeeding, with the highest globally recognised qualification in lactation, professional experience of 8 years and personal experience of natural term breastfeeding her own 2 children. So this area will be covered most in depth over about 4 hrs. I will aim to invite at least one ‘experienced breastfeeding mother’ for each course, for a real life demonstration and Q&A session.

  • How breastfeeding works?
  • How to prepare for success?
  • How can partners support you best?
  • Early days of breastfeeding: what’s normal and when to seek help?
  • Troubleshooting if things go pear shaped
  • Where to seek help?


Preparing for birth with our ‘in house birth professional’.

Do you want the chance to have the best labour experience you can? Of course you do, who doesn’t?! To do that though, you need the knowledge and therefore the power to take control of your labour! You deserve the best chance possible to have a beautiful birth experience.

  • how positions in labour can influence the pain and length of labour
  • how yoga, mindfulness and breathing can help improve your labour experience
  • why labour doesn’t have to be painful


the most Google searched topic with a newborn! (Over 2 BILLION hits!)

  • Will I die of sleep deprivation?
  • Will I ever sleep again?
  • Is it normal that my baby wakes every hour of the night?
  • When will my baby sleep through the night?
  • How can I maximise sleep for my child and myself?

All these questions get answered in a gentle, supportive, research and evidence based manner by a qualified practitioner.


This one is hard to describe. You might think it’s a bit too early to think about parenting…
Bear with me: we believe newborns are fully fledged humans, with their own characters, preferences, free will, smart senses and communication skills.
Let me share a quote from the fantastic Gabor Mate:

“When we are born, our lungs are an expectation for oxygen. In the same way, our nervous systems are an expectation for love, nurturing, for being held, for being valued, for being enjoyed. That’s what the infant is born with: these expectations! And whether we develop well or we don’t depends on how fully those expectations are met.”

We are fortunate to be able to get involvement from a beautiful parenting approach, called ‘Hand in Hand parenting’ on our course. Hand in Hand has been completely life changing for thousands of families around the world and has a huge following in the UK. We have local instructors who will be able to immerse you in the 5 tools of Hand in Hand parenting which will set you up in a unique way for your journey.

So much of our parenting is rooted in our own childhood and life journeys. This approach will show you some ways you can delve into those early experiences, so you can prepare to be present for your own child when they are in front of you. These 5 tools will accompany you until your children are adults, laying the foundations of connection for life.


will be revealed at the beginning of the course. It will be one of the following, depending on the interest of the group and facilitator availability:

  • ‘mental health’ for yourself as a parent (using Mindful Breastfeeding techniques as inspiration)
  • Baby care/holistic health care for the family, what to expect in the postpartum period (with a postnatal doula)
  • Women’s health (your cycle, fertility, support as a woman going through life)

Great question! A sort of time travel?

We are going to do a lot more than just ‘dipping our toes’ into these topics. However, we don’t promise you’ll walk away with a diploma in every single area covered in our sessions. That’s not the aim.

Our aim is to equip you with CONFIDENCE and MINDSET to face the challenges of birth, breastfeeding, early babyhood and beyond, UNDERSTANDING of secure ATTACHMENT between parent and child, BASIC KNOWLEDGE in all the subject areas to build on when the time is right, a SET OF RESOURCES to reach towards when you have a question or concern, a group of enthusiastic PROFESSIONALS who love their job and are keen to be on hand whenever needed, and last but not least CONNECTION to yourself and ONGOING SUPPORT from your ‘VILLAGE’, a COMMUNITY of peers on a similar path to you.


So many parents we talk to say these words: “I wish I had known!” This is YOUR CHANCE to know!


Session 1: Tuesday 21st September 7-9.30pm

Session 2: Tuesday 28th September 7-9.30pm

Session 3: Tuesday 12th October 7-9.30pm

Session 4: Tuesday 19th October 7-9.30pm

(IF THERE IS DEMAND, A ZOOM VERSION OF THE COURSE WILL BE RUN TOO. Please contact me to register your interest and you will be informed of dates.)

COST for face to face course:

£150-200 depending on number of participants (4-6 couples)

(£100-£140 for ZOOM course)

Hopefully our course description speaks for itself, but here it is in our words:

  • We dig deep into the emotional aspects of parenting
  • You’re going to find YOUR OWN unique style of parenting, we’re not giving you recipes, instructions or rules to follow
  • We’re bringing you a multidisciplinary approach (visual, auditory, kinaesthetic) by providing written materials, audio and video files, real life discussions, hands on demonstrations
  • You get several experts’ input on an ongoing basis aka we don’t abandon you after the course is over
  • You’re not just getting 10 hrs of quality content, but support for life
  • We go beyond mechanics of giving birth and the practicalities of baby care, as we feel these are the things you can easily pick up from books and online content

call, text or WhatsApp: 07871921424