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I can help you with everything baby feeding related! With the highest available international qualifications (IBCLC) as a lactation consultant, I have spent well over a decade supporting hundreds of families to reach their goals when it comes to feeding their babies. Sometimes it’s helping you survive an intense (and potentially painful) period of feeding, other times it’s making things more streamlined and manageable, more enjoyable and lighter. I can offer help at the very early stages (including antenatally), through post birth, during transitions like returning to work and beyond – all the way to weaning! Reach out with any questions you may have before booking with me! You can see me in person in Barnet or virtually, wherever you are on Earth!

Breastfeeding / chest feeding support: whether you’re desperate or just want information/maintenance

up to 90 minutes In your own home, at Life by Margot or over 60 minutes over video call.

To book a HOME VISIT, please contact me directly. I work in the North London, South Hertfordshire area.

For Zoom call bookings, please follow the link here:

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Portable IBCLC: if you’re busy and just want on the go support

Unlimited email and/or WhatsApp support for infant feeding queries for 1 week

Convenient from the comfort of your own home

High response rate from me daily

Mini breastfeeding / chestfeeding consultation: if we met before or with less complex issues

suitable if you have a straightforward query if you have already worked with me or another IBCLC

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Returning to work breastfeeding support: support you with transitions

In this package I will walk with you while you return to work… from the time you start thinking about it, until you have a happily breastfed baby waiting for you at home when you return from work at the end of the day.

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Toddler breastfeeding and weaning support: no right or wrong!

Weaning and long term breastfeeding packages.

I am a keen advocate for families who want to breastfeed for long periods of time, and perhaps even let their little ones choose when to wean (natural term weaning).

I am available to support you with long term breastfeeding, including: nursing manners, mothering a nursing toddler, managing ‘fussy eating’ and breastfeeding, working and breastfeeding and gentle boundary setting while breastfeeding.

I am also here to guide you through weaning when the time comes, with practical strategies and emotional support.

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Antenatal preparation for the arrival of your first baby: BEYOND THE BIRTH, PREP FOR FEEDING!

Preparation for feeding your baby or babies in your own home or via video call

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Antenatal preparation for the arrival of second or subsequent babies: NOW YOU KNOW what you need to know

Debrief from your previous feeding journey or journeys and inform and prepare yourself to feed your new arrival in the way you would like to

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Nurturing Support Packages: you want more than just 1 session? Ongoing support for you!

1. Blissful breastfeeder

Start in pregnancy, continue with baby. All your essentials in one package.

3 sessions in total to cover all essential information and set you up for success from the very beginning of your feeding journey

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2. Mindful Mamma

3 longer appointments to facilitate unrushed breastfeeding support complemented by mindfulness.

3 longer sessions to allow for the space to work with you in a more relaxed way and work on mindfulness techniques alongside essential breastfeeding support

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3. ‘Breastfed and blissed out’

Breastfeeding support and baby massage instruction

3-6 sessions (as agreed by us) spread over the first 3 months of baby’s life, where you receive breastfeeding support as well as teaching you baby massage skills

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4. Nurture and BE nurtured

As the ultimate and complete 4th trimester package, this package is a combination of receiving support for yourself and your baby in the postpartum period.

You will benefit from my skills as an infant feeding specialist, breastfeeding counsellor, mindful breastfeeding practitioner, baby massage instructor and my 13 years of mothering experience.

6 sessions in your own home, via video call or a combination of both, to support you through your entire 4th trimester

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Any combination of:

  • Zoom sessions
  • Home visits
  • WhatsApp or other messaging service support
  • Email support

On your timescale

To suit your budget

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Pregnancy buddies (for groups of 2 or 3 families) 

  • 3 group sessions
  • Bring a friend and share the cost!
  • Face to face (in your chosen home), via Zoom or a combination
  • Prepare for breastfeeding BEFORE baby is born and continue being supported after 
  • Partners welcome and warmly invited to all sessions
  • Combination of Breastfeeding preparation and Mindful Breastfeeding techniques as agreed by the group

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Mindful Breastfeeding sessions

A selection of mindful breastfeeding techniques taught to you one to one via Zoom.

Skills to take forward for life!

These include journalling, guided relaxation, breathing techniques and writing and using affirmations. Before or after your baby arrives.

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Connected Mothers’ Circle

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Baby Massage Classes or

1 to 1 baby massage sessions

Currently running in High Barnet or taught to a group of friends or 1to1 in your own home.

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Perinatal support package: herbalist/naturopath consultation plus breastfeeding/chest feeding support

Katie is a mother of 5 and has the highest qualifications and an acute interest in everything natural healing. She has intimate knowledge and understanding of the postpartum period, and can offer a fantastic range of remedies to support your health and well being.

Eszter has 10 years of experience in the world of breastfeeding and supporting families with newborns.

You get to combine the skills of 2 professionals during this vulnerable time in your life, and get exquisite support while you transition from woman to mother.

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