Happy CLIENTS Testimonials

Don’t Just Take Our Word For It

It was very lovely to meet you too, Eszter. I walked away from my sit down with you feeling very confident and ever so happy about the foreseeable future of weaning my daughter off the breastfeeding happily, gradually and guilt free with your truly amazing advice. 
by Sophia
I wanted to share something I never thought would happen, me smiling while feeding my babe! Feeling hugely grateful for the help and advice from Eszter
by Katherine
Thank you for this morning…its been a long time since I spoke to someone who was just present for me, where I felt heard and received compassion without any judgement or agenda and didn’t feel guilty for talking about myself too much!
That alone is so healing.
by Reshmi
Eszter was so passionate, knowledgeable, supportive, welcoming and made me feel like she had all the time in the world to help me.
by Rebecca
I just wanted to let you know that M. had his 2 week weigh in today and he topped the scales at 3180g which is 150g over his birth weight and means he’s put on 485g since Thursday ((in 5 days))! I’m so pleased it means the midwives have discharged us and it’s onwards and upwards from here. His bowel movements are much more regular now and as they’re supposed to be and he’s so calm these days now he’s getting the proper amount of milk into him. I wanted to thank you for your help and support and The links you sent were all very useful and have helped me fill in the missing pieces of the bf jigsaw allowing me to continue to feed Michael Solely on breast milk and give him the best start for his microbiome and so many more aspects of his life. There is a long way to go still but this start has given me confidence for the future. Thank you so much for your help.
by Zoe
I did a group antenatal preparing to breastfeed course with Eszter Bove. The course was two 2hr evening sessions over Zoom. The course was so helpful, bringing together bits of information I had picked up when breastfeeding my first. Reminding me of key important points eg. positioning for a good latch especially with newborns. The resources Eszter provided I’ve used so much – eg. videos for latching and laid back breastfeeding. So helpful to have a list of reputable resources to go to.
My baby is now 5 days old and the knowledge I’ve gained has made a huge difference to these early days. Baby’s latch wasn’t great initially and using the information from the course and videos it has really improved. Also managing the early days breast engorgement so much better than first time round!
Finally just to say how lovely the sessions themselves were – you were so open and gentle in your approach it felt a very safe space to talk. Thank you so much, I cannot recommend doing this course enough.
by Mia
I contacted Eszter when I started having problems with breastfeeding. When we spoke, she interviewed me thoroughly, listened with patience and understanding. I was really impressed how confident and quick she was to find the problem. No one else has mentioned this to me before and everything she said made so much sense. Eszter suggested quite a few solutions which she then sent in a clear email with links, etc.
by Nisha
Eszter came to help with the breastfeeding as my baby had a tongue tie and was not latching correctly which was painful for me. Throughout the consultation Eszter was warm, caring and very understanding. She helped with positioning and offered advice on pain relief for myself. Was reassuring having Eszter asses the feeding of the baby and also hot advice on bottle feeding as I was planning to express.
by Diana
Hi Eszter, I just wanted to write to you and say thank you again for all the knowledge and confidence you’ve passed on to me. I really think I wouldn’t be where I’m at now without you and without this information. It is not even just the knowledge but the confidence to use it! ❤️
by Katya
Eszter is a powerful yet gentle space holder. I’ve witnessed how each person attending her events is met with unconditional love and support. I’ve attended many of her groups and recommend her highly.
by Anna
As a new mum, I found the breastfeeding support sessions facilitated by Eszter invaluable, and I continued to join sessions occasionally as my baby grew older and with my second baby. I loved the social aspect and feeling supported in breastfeeding concerns, and to lend my support to other parents in return. The mix of stages from pregnant people up to parents with older children in various stages of weaning was really helpful. Hearing discussions of things that helped with problems I hadn’t experienced yet gave me an idea of what could happen together with a feeling that there was lots of hope and support.
by Leah
Whatever stage you’re at, there’s nothing more comforting meeting with likeminded people for advice and solidarity. Knowing that what you’re experiencing is “normal” when everyone around you seems to be telling you otherwise. Getting all sorts of tips and tricks to help you nurse and care for your baby that you wouldn’t otherwise get and having a sense of satisfaction being able to help others and pass on your own advice to those going through what you went through. I also went onto nurse for many years which has benefitted both my children and my relationship with them and I don’t think I would have done it for so long without Eszter’s invaluable support!
by Victoria
I have gained so much during my breastfeeding and mothering journey from Eszter’s emense wisdom and guidance, always shared in the most nurturing and supportive manner. From my very early days of breastfeeding and managing a baby with a tongue tie, right through to the very different challenges of feeding through toddlerhood and tandem feeding, where Eszter so beautifully held space amongst the group for me to share all my emotions and receive support during the difficult times, as well as celebrating parenting wins and the sharing of tips and ideas to help each other navigate the roller-coaster path of mothering. The mix of people at different stages of parenting was so beneficial. The sense of community, comfort and support that I have gained from the group of wonderful women supporting each other in this way was immeasurable, particularly in our modern society where parenting, and breastfeeding beyond babyhood can be quite a lonely and isolating place.
I only have love and gratitude for this time.
by Bronwen
I attended Eszter’s breastfeeding groups over a span of 4 years and it made a massive difference to Mt breastfeeding journey. I was determined to do it for my son, and the first 4 months were really difficult. I can see how many women give up. Eszter’s group listened to my challenges (we each had a turn) and they shared with me things that helped them with similar struggles. I felt held by the group through that early time enough to continue until breastfeeding became a joy. Then later I felt held in a different way, by having a community of mothers who strongly believed in the importance of breastfeeding for their children’s health and wellbeing. When many of my peers had long since given up (6 months being the average weaning age) I found confidence through this group of women to continue with what felt right and natural to me. I watched Eszter pour her love and care into each and every woman that came through the door. Her calm grounded presence was a rock for many of us I’m sure, it certainly was for me. I feel very lucky to have found her and her group.
by Anna